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HYMN 2 Vayu.

HYMN 2 Vayu.

वायवा याहि दर्शतेमे सोमा अरंकृताः । तेषां पाहि श्रुधी हवम् ॥१॥
Vayu, these soma drops for you do be:
Drink of them and heed to our call truly.
वाय उक्थेभिर्जरन्ते त्वामच्छा जरितारः । सुतसोमा अहर्विदः ॥२॥
Knowing the days, soma juice poured devotedly,
Singers glorify you Vayu, with hymn praise clearly.
वायो तव प्रपृञ्चती धेना जिगाति दाशुषे । उरूची सोमपीतये ॥३॥
Vayu, your incisive stream to worshipper be,
Far−spreading for the soma draught certainly.
इन्द्रवायू इमे सुता उप प्रयोभिरा गतम् । इन्दवो वामुशन्ति हि ॥४॥
Indra−Vayu, these shed; come for offerings truly:
The drops are yearning for you both indubitably.
वायविन्द्रश्च चेतथः सुतानां वाजिनीवसू । तावा यातमुप द्रवत् ॥५॥
Well you mark libations, Vayu and Indra clearly,
Rich in spoil so please do come here swiftly.
वायविन्द्रश्च सुन्वत आ यातमुप निष्कृतम् । मक्ष्वित्था धिया नरा ॥६॥
Vayu and Indra, take what soma prepared does be,
Take it soon heroes, I do pray but ever devotedly.
मित्रं हुवे पूतदक्षं वरुणं च रिशादसम् । धियं घृताचीं साधन्ता ॥७॥
Foe−destroying Varuna, Mitra, of strength holy,
I call! You make the oil−fed rite complete surely.
ऋतेन मित्रावरुणावृतावृधावृतस्पृशा । क्रतुं बृहन्तमाशाथे ॥८॥
Mitra[i] and Varuna[ii] lovers, cherishers of Law be,
You connect this perfect rite with its reward truly.
कवी नो मित्रावरुणा तुविजाता उरुक्षया । दक्षं दधाते अपसम् ॥९॥
Mitra and Varuna – you born for the benefit of many,
You the refuge – do increase our strength unfailingly.

[i] the Sun
[ii] the regent of the waters

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