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HYMN 5 Indra

HYMN 5 Indra

आ त्वेता नि षीदतेन्द्रमभि प्र गायत । सखाय स्तोमवाहसः ॥१॥
Come, sit down: Sing to Indra your song lovingly,
Companions, bringing hymns of praise devotedly.
पुरूतमं पुरूणामीशानं वार्याणाम् । इन्द्रं सोमे सचा सुते ॥२॥
When libation is poured forth, praise Indra respectively,
The lord of blessings, he distress of the entire enemy.
स घा नो योग आ भुवत्स राये स पुरंध्याम् । गमद्वाजेभिरा स नः ॥३॥
May he be with us in our need and in abundance surely:
For gaining of objects, riches, food and knowledge truly.
यस्य संस्थे न वृण्वते हरी समत्सु शत्रवः । तस्मा इन्द्राय गायत ॥४॥
Whose charriot in battle, the foes challenge not truly:
To him, to Indra ever sing your song but gleefully.
सुतपाव्ने सुता इमे शुचयो यन्ति वीतये । सोमासो दध्याशिरः ॥५॥
To the Soma−drinker come, for his enjoyment clearly,
These pure drops of soma mingled with the curd be.
त्वं सुतस्य पीतये सद्यो वृद्धो अजायथाः । इन्द्र ज्यैष्ठ्याय सुक्रतो ॥६॥
May soma enter you Indra, object of praise and supremacy:
Bringing bliss to you the Sage – maintaining your seniority.
आ त्वा विशन्त्वाशवः सोमास इन्द्र गिर्वणः । शं ते सन्तु प्रचेतसे ॥७॥
Indra, you object of praise, may the soma enter thee;
For your superior intelligence - may they propitious be.
त्वां स्तोमा अवीवृधन्त्वामुक्था शतक्रतो । त्वां वर्धन्तु नो गिरः ॥८॥
Satakratu, our chants of praise strengthens you surely, 
Our lauds so strengthen You the songs we sing clearly.
अक्षितोतिः सनेदिमं वाजमिन्द्रः सहस्रिणम् । यस्मिन्विश्वानि पौंस्या ॥९॥
May Indra, the protector, enjoy viands thousand fold truly,
Accept the viands - wherein all manly powers abide surely.
मा नो मर्ता अभि द्रुहन्तनूनामिन्द्र गिर्वणः । ईशानो यवया वधम् ॥१०॥
O Indra, you the object of all praise, let no man do injury,
You are mighty, keep off violence or hurt of our bodies.


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