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HYMN 6 Indra

ऋग्वेद: सूक्तं १.६

HYMN 6 Indra.

युञ्जन्ति ब्रध्नमरुषं चरन्तं परि तस्थुषः । रोचन्ते रोचना दिवि ॥१॥
They who stand round him as he moves harness but fully,
The Sun, fire, moving wind, lights shining in the sky truly.
युञ्जन्त्यस्य काम्या हरी विपक्षसा रथे । शोणा धृष्णू नृवाहसा ॥२॥
On either sides of his vehicle they do harness certainly,
His two coursers, dear bearers, bay coloured bold, tawny.
केतुं कृण्वन्नकेतवे पेशो मर्या अपेशसे । समुषद्भिरजायथाः ॥३॥
He makes light where none was, form where none did be,
He blesses Men with dawn gives sense to senseless truly.
आदह स्वधामनु पुनर्गर्भत्वमेरिरे । दधाना नाम यज्ञियम् ॥४॥
Then verily those who bear names invoked in rites holy,
Seeing rain instigate him to resume his embryo[1] plainly.
वीळु चिदारुजत्नुभिर्गुहा चिदिन्द्र वह्निभिः । अविन्द उस्रिया अनु ॥५॥
You associated with traversers of places difficult to access truly,
You Indra, discovered the cows hidden in the cave previously,
देवयन्तो यथा मतिमच्छा विदद्वसुं गिरः । महामनूषत श्रुतम् ॥६॥
The reciters of praises praise the troop of Maruts mighty,
Who celebrate, bestowing wealth, glorifying Indra surely.
इन्द्रेण सं हि दृक्षसे संजग्मानो अबिभ्युषा । मन्दू समानवर्चसा ॥७॥
May you verily be seen by fearless Indra's side plainly:
Indra and Maruts both joyous, equal in sheen visibly.
अनवद्यैरभिद्युभिर्मखः सहस्वदर्चति । गणैरिन्द्रस्य काम्यैः ॥८॥
This right performed in adoration of the powerful Indra be,
With irreproachable, heavenward-tending, Maruts clearly.
अतः परिज्मन्ना गहि दिवो वा रोचनादधि । समस्मिन्नृञ्जते गिरः ॥९॥
Therefore, Maruts, come from solar sphere or sky surely;
For in this rite the priest recites your praises completely.
इतो वा सातिमीमहे दिवो वा पार्थिवादधि । इन्द्रं महो वा रजसः ॥१०॥
We invoke Indra’s help, from here, from heaven above truly,
Or from the spacious firmament – may he give us prosperity.

[1] Cloud form

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