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HYMN 7 Indra

HYMN 7 Indra.

इन्द्रमिद्गाथिनो बृहदिन्द्रमर्केभिरर्किणः । इन्द्रं वाणीरनूषत ॥१॥
INDRA invoked by singers with praise, reciters with lauds surely,
Indra invoked by the choirs who glorify the lord full-heartedly.
इन्द्र इद्धर्योः सचा सम्मिश्ल आ वचोयुजा । इन्द्रो वज्री हिरण्ययः ॥२॥
Indra hath ever close to him his two bay steeds and word−yoked car, Indra the golden, thunder−armed.
Indra, blender of all, comes with steeds harnessed at his word verily,
Indra the richly-decorated, the wielder of the thunderbolt does be.
इन्द्रो दीर्घाय चक्षस आ सूर्यं रोहयद्दिवि । वि गोभिरद्रिमैरयत् ॥३॥
Indra, to render all things visible, elevated the sun clearly,
He also charged the cloud with abundant waters actually.
इन्द्र वाजेषु नोऽव सहस्रप्रधनेषु च । उग्र उग्राभिरूतिभिः ॥४॥
Invincible Indra, protect us in battles abounding in spoil fully,
With insuperable defences – shelter us we pray respectfully.
इन्द्रं वयं महाधन इन्द्रमर्भे हवामहे । युजं वृत्रेषु वज्रिणम् ॥५॥
We invoke Indra for great affluence, Indra for prosperity;
He our ally, wielder of the thunder-bolt against our enemies.
स नो वृषन्नमुं चरुं सत्रादावन्नपा वृधि । अस्मभ्यमप्रतिष्कुतः ॥६॥
Shedder of rain, granter of all desires, set open this cloud fully,
You are never uncompliant with our requests unquestionabily.
तुञ्जेतुञ्जे य उत्तरे स्तोमा इन्द्रस्य वज्रिणः । न विन्धे अस्य सुष्टुतिम् ॥७॥
All praises given to other dignities, they also due to Indra be,
I do not know his fitting praise; I find no laud of him worthy.

वृषा यूथेव वंसगः कृष्टीरियर्त्योजसा । ईशानो अप्रतिष्कुतः ॥८॥
Shedder of rain, the mighty lord, the ever compliant who be,
Who invests with his strength - as bull defends his herd truly.
य एकश्चर्षणीनां वसूनामिरज्यति । इन्द्रः पञ्च क्षितीनाम् ॥९॥
Indra, who alone rules over men, over riches certainly,
Who rule over the five classes of earth dwellers surely.
इन्द्रं वो विश्वतस्परि हवामहे जनेभ्यः । अस्माकमस्तु केवलः ॥१०॥
We invoke for you, Indra, who everywhere among men be;
May he be not for the others – only our own exclusively.


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