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HYMN 9 Indra

HYMN 9 Indra.

इन्द्रेहि मत्स्यन्धसो विश्वेभिः सोमपर्वभिः । महाँ अभिष्टिरोजसा ॥१॥
Come Indra, delight with juice at all soma feasts surely,
Protector, mighty in strength, victorious over foes you be.
एमेनं सृजता सुते मन्दिमिन्द्राय मन्दिने । चक्रिं विश्वानि चक्रये ॥२॥
The libation being prepared, pour the exhilaration freely,
To the rejoicing Indra, accomplisher of all things truly.
मत्स्वा सुशिप्र मन्दिभि स्तोमेभिर्विश्वचर्षणे । सचैषु सवनेष्वा ॥३॥
Indra, with handsome chin, pleased with the praises be;
Who revered by mankind, come to these rites happily.
असृग्रमिन्द्र ते गिरः प्रति त्वामुदहासत । अजोषा वृषभं पतिम् ॥४॥
I address you, Indra, the blesser, you protector be,
Of devotees who praise you, and you approve surely.
सं चोदय चित्रमर्वाग्राध इन्द्र वरेण्यम् । असदित्ते विभु प्रभु ॥५॥
Place before us, Indra, precious, multiform riches fully,
For enough and more than enough are yours assuredly.
अस्मान्सु तत्र चोदयेन्द्र राये रभस्वतः । तुविद्युम्न यशस्वतः ॥६॥
Indra, encourage us in this rite for acquirement wealthy,
For we your devotees, diligent and renowned do be.
सं गोमदिन्द्र वाजवदस्मे पृथु श्रवो बृहत् । विश्वायुर्धेह्यक्षितम् ॥७॥
Grant us, Indra, wealth beyond measure, estimate wholly,
Inexhaustible, the source of cattle, of food, of all life be.
अस्मे धेहि श्रवो बृहद्द्युम्नं सहस्रसातमम् । इन्द्र ता रथिनीरिषः ॥८॥
Indra, grant us fame and wealth acquired in ways many,
And food which brought from the field in carts does be.
वसोरिन्द्रं वसुपतिं गीर्भिर्गृणन्त ऋग्मियम् । होम गन्तारमूतये ॥९॥
Indra, lord of wealth, we invoke for defense of our property,
You, object of sacred verses, praising you with praises be.
सुतेसुते न्योकसे बृहद्बृहत एदरिः । इन्द्राय शूषमर्चति ॥१०॥
The sacrificer glorifies with libations effused repeatedly,
The vast prowess of the dweller – Lord Indra, mighty.


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