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HYMN 4 Indri

HYMN 4 Indri

सुरूपकृत्नुमूतये सुदुघामिव गोदुहे । जुहूमसि द्यविद्यवि ॥१॥
As a good cow to him who milks but does be,
We invoke doer of fair deeds to our aid daily.
उप नः सवना गहि सोमस्य सोमपाः पिब । गोदा इद्रेवतो मदः ॥२॥
Come to our libations, Soma−drinker you be!
The rich One's rapture gives kine certainly.
अथा ते अन्तमानां विद्याम सुमतीनाम् । मा नो अति ख्य आ गहि ॥३॥
May we be aware of your innermost kindness truly:
Do not pass us by - come reveal yourself to me.
परेहि विग्रमस्तृतमिन्द्रं पृच्छा विपश्चितम् । यस्ते सखिभ्य आ वरम् ॥४॥
Go to the wise unconquered One, ask of Indra truly,
Ask him of the priest’s fitness, who recites skillfully.
उत ब्रुवन्तु नो निदो निरन्यतश्चिदारत । दधाना इन्द्र इद्दुवः ॥५॥
Let our ministers, performing his worship earnestly,
Depart your revilers from all places - praise Indra truly.
उत नः सुभगाँ अरिर्वोचेयुर्दस्म कृष्टयः । स्यामेदिन्द्रस्य शर्मणि ॥६॥
Destroyer of foes, let enemies say, we prosperous be,
Let men cheer us - may we dwell in Indra's care fully.
एमाशुमाशवे भर यज्ञश्रियं नृमादनम् । पतयन्मन्दयत्सखम् ॥७॥
To the swift One bring the swift, grace sacrifice fully,
That to the Friend who gives wings and joy wholly.
अस्य पीत्वा शतक्रतो घनो वृत्राणामभवः । प्रावो वाजेषु वाजिनम् ॥८॥
Satakratu[i], drink this, you the Vrtras' slayer does be;
You who help the warrior in the fray undoubtedly.
तं त्वा वाजेषु वाजिनं वाजयामः शतक्रतो । धनानामिन्द्र सातये ॥९॥
We strengthen Satakratu, You the powerful in fight be,
That, Indra, we may win us the wealth but finally.
यो रायोऽवनिर्महान्सुपारः सुन्वतः सखा । तस्मा इन्द्राय गायत ॥१०॥
To him the stream of wealth, who pours the juice be,
To this Indra do sing your song unending devotedly.

[i] Soma Juice

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