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HYMN 8 Indra

HYMN 8 Indra.

एन्द्र सानसिं रयिं सजित्वानं सदासहम् । वर्षिष्ठमूतये भर ॥१॥
Indra, bring for our protection, wealth - most abundant which be,
Enjoyable, the source of victory, the humbler of our foes truly.
नि येन मुष्टिहत्यया नि वृत्रा रुणधामहै । त्वोतासो न्यर्वता ॥२॥
By which we may, when encountering them, repel our enemies,
If hand to hand, or carried; ever protected by you certainly.
इन्द्र त्वोतास आ वयं वज्रं घना ददीमहि । जयेम सं युधि स्पृधः ॥३॥
Indra with your defence, we gave a thunder weapon hefty,
Wherewith we may conquer our opponents but entirely.
वयं शूरेभिरस्तृभिरिन्द्र त्वया युजा वयम् । सासह्याम पृतन्यतः ॥४॥
With you Indra, and missile-hurling heroes, for our ally,
We are able to overcome our foes arrayed in hosts truly.
महाँ इन्द्रः परश्च नु महित्वमस्तु वज्रिणे । द्यौर्न प्रथिना शवः ॥५॥
Indra mighty; may enormity to bearer of thunderbolt be;
And may his strong armies ever vast as the heavens be.
समोहे वा य आशत नरस्तोकस्य सनितौ । विप्रासो वा धियायवः ॥६॥
Who has recourse to him wins battle, gets off-spring surely,
The wise desirous of understanding do beget thoughts holy.
यः कुक्षिः सोमपातमः समुद्र इव पिन्वते । उर्वीरापो न काकुदः ॥७॥
The belly of Indra, which quaffs the soma juice abundantly,
Swells as ocean, ever moist as ample fluids of palate be.
एवा ह्यस्य सूनृता विरप्शी गोमती मही । पक्वा शाखा न दाशुषे ॥८॥
Verily the words of Indra to his worshipper ever true be,
Manifold, cow- conferring, in honour; like ripe branch be
एवा हि ते विभूतय ऊतय इन्द्र मावते । सद्यश्चित्सन्ति दाशुषे ॥९॥
Indra verily your mighty powers, glories ever but be,
Savior, protector of every such worshipper like me.
एवा ह्यस्य काम्या स्तोम उक्थं च शंस्या । इन्द्राय सोमपीतये ॥१०॥
Let lauds, chants and praises sung to Indra be,
Desired, repeated so he may drink soma readily.


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