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HYMN 3 Asvins

HYMN 3 Asvins

अश्विना यज्वरीरिषो द्रवत्पाणी शुभस्पती । पुरुभुजा चनस्यतम् ॥१॥
Asvins, rich in deeds, who of praise be worthy,
With nimble hands accept our sacrifice truly.
अश्विना पुरुदंससा नरा शवीरया धिया । धिष्ण्या वनतं गिरः ॥२॥
Asvins, guides of devotion, abounding in acts mighty,
Endowed with fortitude, accept our songs unavertedly.
दस्रा युवाकवः सुता नासत्या वृक्तबर्हिषः । आ यातं रुद्रवर्तनी ॥३॥
Asvins, slayers of foes, truthful, leaders of heroes be,
Come to the libations sprinkled on sacred grass surely.
इन्द्रा याहि चित्रभानो सुता इमे त्वायवः । अण्वीभिस्तना पूतासः ॥४॥
Indra incredibly bright, these pure libations for you be,
Expressed by fingers of the priests, desirous of you be.
इन्द्रा याहि धियेषितो विप्रजूतः सुतावतः । उप ब्रह्माणि वाघतः ॥५॥
Come Indra to prayers, urged by the singer holy,
Accept the prayers of libation by priest but humbly.
इन्द्रा याहि तूतुजान उप ब्रह्माणि हरिवः । सुते दधिष्व नश्चनः ॥६॥
Approach Indra, Bay Horses’ Lord, to prayers hastily,
In this libation please take delight – I beseech thee.
ओमासश्चर्षणीधृतो विश्वे देवास आ गत । दाश्वांसो दाशुषः सुतम् ॥७॥
Visvadevas[i] who protect, reward, cherish men truly,
Take your worshipper's drink – it offered to you be.
विश्वे देवासो अप्तुरः सुतमा गन्त तूर्णयः । उस्रा इव स्वसराणि ॥८॥
May the swift Universal Gods come to drink quickly,
As the solar rays does come to the days diligently.
विश्वे देवासो अस्रिध एहिमायासो अद्रुहः । मेधं जुषन्त वह्नयः ॥९॥
Visvadevas, undecaying, omniscient, fearless be,
Void of malice, bearers, accept the sacred draught fully.
पावका नः सरस्वती वाजेभिर्वाजिनीवती । यज्ञं वष्टु धियावसुः ॥१०॥
May Sarasvati, the purifier, giver of food, wealth be,
Attracted by our offerings and hymns given eagerly.
चोदयित्री सूनृतानां चेतन्ती सुमतीनाम् । यज्ञं दधे सरस्वती ॥११॥
All songs inciter, inspirer of all gracious notion truly,
Please do accept our rite – Goddess Sarasvati.
महो अर्णः सरस्वती प्र चेतयति केतुना । धियो विश्वा वि राजति ॥१२॥
Sarasvati who ever brighten all pious thought clearly.
Accepted our offering truth inspirer - enlighten fully.

[i] Universal Gods

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